2020’Is this really going to be the year that the human race pivots into a more responsible and caring species? As I sat down for breakfast two days back, I saw the video of a full-blown traffic jam in Bangaloreon the first day of lockdownrelaxation, and I couldn’t help but feel that my answer is a resounding ‘NO’.

Every big event shifts and shapes our behaviour. A ‘new normal’ however is one where the operating system itself undergoes a change – like redefining the future of work or journalism or advertising or urban commutes and I somehow feel those notions are premature and overstated.

It as a passage in time that brought out the kind of ‘intimacy’ that only rain can, a ‘helplessness’ like only a child’s hungry face can, ‘gratitude’ like only privilege can and ‘Fear’ like only an upcoming economic abyss can. In spite of having relentlessly long work days, I will probably remember it as the period when I spoke to myself and my body the most. But mostly I will remember how it yanked down 7.5 billion people from their imaginary pedestals of speciesism and made them feel like the multi-cellular organisms that they truly are.