“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

Is Digital transformation the need of the hour? The Covid pandemic has had its blanket effect on every corner of the world, however, the economic earthquake unleashed by it does not affect everyone in the same way. With limited resources to sail out of this storm, SMEs have been particularly vulnerable to the repercussions of the crisis.

Necessity – The driving force for doing things

In the current situation, there’s a surging impact of Digital Transformation on SMEs than ever before. The unprecedented changes that have taken place following Covid-19 are throwing up several reasons and opportunities for the SME segment to reassess their customer requirements and business strategies.

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises suffered as much as most of the sectors in the wake of the pandemic that caught us asleep at the wheel. The tech sector instantly ameliorated as they are already used to working remotely and collaborating across geographies. But the picture is different for the other sectors.

Most of the businesses, SMEs in particular, now aren’t able to continue their services offline. So the only thing that can navigate them through the harsh lockdown times is the utilization of digital resources. But, it became the real deal for the SMEs to leap as most of them are just embarking their journey towards digitalization. Now that the situation hits hard on the SMEs and threatens their economic presence, they have to act “smartly” to ensure the revival of their customer base.

Digital transformation the need of the hour!

Digital Transformation – The hope Amid Crisis

The current situation harbors that SMEs, as well as the smaller entities switch to the digital pathways at the earliest for business engagement and creation of a strong and veritable online presence. By tapping optimally into the potential of social media, these establishments can even generate sales through interactions with peers and customers via online channels of communication. This is the age of digital media marketing and entrepreneurs must harness it now, more than ever. Those organisations that have hitherto operated through offline modes should etch out a transition layout for the imminent digital future without compromising on employee efficiency or data safety.

The issues impeding companies’ digital transformation range from lack of technical knowledge and funds to inefficient regulatory substructure. Thankfully, digitalization isn’t an insurmountable challenge as most organizations that are unaware of the digital ecosystem think of it as. The Government is also backing digital transformation efforts by introducing schemes like Digital India, Start-up India, E-Governance, etc. Still, not all the SMEs are utilizing them, and again, due to lack of cognizance. 

BeBeta Consultancy – Let’s Make the Impact Together.

BeBeta Consultancy, will fill the gap between the oblivious SMEs and the support their need to get digitized. We champion you on your road to transformation with our continuous support to make your digital journey successful. With our collaborative and collective impact, we can fabricate the digital ecosystem to potentially increase your revenue.

Moreover, digitalization isn’t just limited to using apps, websites, or any other online tools. It has to be aligned to the business goals with clearly defined metrics. Increasing revenue, providing access to a higher customer base, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience would justify the efforts and the investment. 

So it would help if you have more strategic support. Hands Down! We are here to help you with that too! Our strategic consultancy services assist in arriving at the right solution by in-depth analysis and assessment of your business problems. Besides, as a management consultancy, we continuously endeavor to help your organization to improve its performance.  Better you, Better Us.

“It’s no longer the big beating the small but the fast beating the slow”