Food security is not merely a question of food availability but increasingly also a question of access to food. An alarming situation.
We found that food availability has improved considerably while food self-sufficiency has remained relatively low. Trade of food products has, soared securing an adequate food supply. In many parts of the world, diets are increasingly abundant in calories and animal source foods.

Within the past 50 years, the world has thus moved from food insufficiency towards an increasing dependency on food trade. This has improved food availability, but mainly in regions with a sufficiently strong economy to be a notable player in the trade markets. While a secure food supply has been intentionally outsourced in various parts of the globe, a large share of global population is still living with insufficient food supply. At global scale food supply would be sufficient to feed the entire population but its uneven distribution leaves a notable proportion of population food insecure while others live in abundance of food. Technological solutions, reform of agricultural practices and reduction of food waste . Substantial improvement in food security will require real efforts for a more equal distribution of global food supply.