In an interview, Aneesh Reddy, the co-founder and CEO of Capillary Technologies, shares his knowledge in the realm of start-ups. After advancing from IIT Kharagpur, he ran after his passion of building a team and starting a business!

Initial Journey

Aneesh’s whole family was in medical field, which made him feel like a black sheep in the herd, as he wanted to do engineering. He got into IIT Khargarpur to pursue B.Tech in manufacturing science, where he explored robotics and also started E-cell; which according to him, is his first start up. Aneesh mentions, that “KGP is the land of opportunities”, further explains how he prospered in way that he got MIT scholarship and had a patent in his name. “I used to host a lot of parties” says Aneesh while he tells about his enjoyable memories in college.

Zooming into the Career

Aneesh Reddy, initially got placed with his dream company ITC, where he started as a maintenance in-charge, later promoted to project manager. Two years down the lane, he realised that he needs some transformation in his career line. “Both of us met on his birthday, when we first thought of starting something of our own” Aneesh says, mentioning his friend and co-founder of Capillary technologies. He also added, that they both took good 7-8 months to research and got to a conclusion that it’s better to pick two sectors which are doing great and do something in between them.

Let’s talk finance!

“Our Startup wasn’t bootstrapped”, says Aneesh as he explains how initial fund of 1o lac was invested by his college only. He mentions how he and his business partner each saved 6-7 lacs each before quitting jobs.

“We have actually come close to bankruptcy like seven times in life till now, in twelve years” states Aneesh when asked whether the funding was an easy task.

“Fortune favours the brave.”

Mr. Reddy says upon elaborating on his journey. He further added that someone suggested him to spend half a day a week, speaking to investors.

The Ultimate knack of team building

Talking about team building Aneesh says that there are two teams; initial and the one which stays thereafter for years. He and Mr. Mishra formed their initial team by finding people from big companies who are jaded with their jobs as initial team is extremely important. Later as they scaled up they got talent from outside. Aneesh advises that extreme transparency is needed in a start-up, at least primarily. He stresses on proving one’s credibility in whichever job he/she is.

In an answer to a question Aneesh says that a mix of both, i.e hiring people from outside and betting on the potential of current employees, is vital.

Capillary Technologies Joining Hands With Saudi-Based Veda Holding (2019)

Success Journey should not stop!

Upon being asked about the ambitions after the company was named in Forbes one out of twelve hidden gems in 2012, Aneesh replied “ we guys were and still are busy building a good company, if you focus on that you get other things on the side right.

Lastly he added that now when they know where they stand as a company, Aneesh would want to make Capillary a profitable public company or what he say ‘company that lasts’.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”