If you are inspired you can cross the mountain of challenges without having to fear failure. If you can sow the seeds of positivity within you every goal automatically comes within your range. One such inspirational figure is Jignesh Dave who at an early age managed to carve out a very successful path for himself.

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Jignesh Dave Journey

Born into a middle-class family in Jamnagar, Jignesh started his career as a summer trainee in Pepsico India as sales supervisor. His first tenure at corporate has helped him to formalize on how the entrepreneurs actually materialize the ideas into bank balance. Post this experience, he completed his Chartered Accountancy. This gave him an opportunity to work at various banks in India like the ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered and Citi Bank. Further, he got the chance to work at Lloyd’s TSB in London in 2006. Working there for 4 years helped him to gain the knowledge across various verticals and new geographies. In 2012, when he started settling in, he decided to move South Africa as a devoir towards his family. Taking help from his friends or as he like to call it, leveraging his “relationship equity”, he got a shot to move forward in his career.

First Success & Failure

Jignesh started getting deeply involved in his work and began experimenting in finance technology, He started a company “ACM Gold and FOREX Trading” which soon became an MNC operating in Malaysia, Europe, and Africa. The company earned funding of over 300 million.

Taking his career a step forward, he decided to own an Airline “Skyways”.  The airline business didn’t worked out well and he made a huge loss. But instead of calling it as a failure, Jignesh likes to think himself as proud owner of airlines for 100 days.

Jignesh Dave Next 360 Founder

The positive attitude and his principles didn’t let the disappointment take over. Instead of procrastinating about the decision he should not have made, he started pondering over his strengths and came out with a solution to the problem he himself has faced in his past travel experiences.          Then he started the company in Sep 2017 named “Next 360” with a mission to provide local connectivity and digital banking globally to all frequent travelers.

Unlike the most, Jignesh is of the opinion that the success and the failure of any business depends not only on the funding but on the idea, team, business model, timing and funding with each having a 20% stake. He also believes that hiring the right talent is an investment and not an expenditure. His ideologies has helped him to establish “Next 360” in over 30 countries like Mexico, UK, Canada, South Africa, 26 EU countries in small tenure of 3 years. Not only this but with his amazing marketing skills, he was able to make his presence feel by the market leader in just 3 weeks of their launch.

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“If you believe passionately in your bigger picture, it will translate when you speak to people around,” says the CEO of “Next 360”, the company which has one of the best tourist networks in South Africa. His philosophy of keeping honesty with his investors has helped him to secure funding of 20 million.

At a very young age, he was determined to make it big and now he has become one of the most successful Indians in SA. His motivating story is the perfect example that shows hard work and will power of a person can transform their destiny

Jignesh Deve Interview

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Article by Sakshi Baheti, IIM Rohtak’20