Jitendra Chouksey is from a small village called Pulaha in Madhya Pradesh. He was always keen about being fit as he was a chubby kid back in his childhood days. In 2013, he started posting his fitness transformation pictures and was soon covered by Men’s Health magazine. A lot of people were inspired by his transformation and wanted him to train them. So he created a whatsapp group where he provided them nutrition/diet tips and resistance training. Once people saw results , they started referring others by word of mouth and he was chased by 100’s of people. To cater to a large number of people, he created a Facebook group called “SQUATS” in which he published an online book called “Get Shredded” that had all the details and tips on fitness.

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The advent of FITTR

It soon became a thriving community that had around 50,000 people by 2015. All this information was available free of cost” he says.

After being part of his incredible community, people wanted him to train them personally and were willing to even pay for his services. This led to the accidental birth of FITTR, which is an online fitness and nutrition community.

I came across this idea of selling services of coaches in a trustworthy, accountable and tangible format, where if people are happy with the results, they pay the money, else they get their entire money refunded

Initially he started with 14 coaches and got around 139 customers in the first month. Today, they are a community of 220+ coaches and have transformed 1,20,000 people’s lives. He has taken the notion of fitness to next level where he is able to generate a cumulative gross revenue of over 100 crores.

Jitendra Chouksey- People’s Guy

SQUATS doing their bit for the society

He never thought about being an entrepreneur but always was on the forefront to solve the problems of people. People asked him if he could provide them with free diet plans, training plans and healthy food recipes. Thus he went out of his way to plan and implement these things for them.

If someone tells me that ‘Hey JC, there is this problem that is not allowing me to get fit’, I focus on that problem and fix that. Everything we do at FITTR is an outcome of what our customers want us to do

According to him, fitness is a community where people must talk about the essence of fitness and motivate each other. One of the things people fail to understand is that fitness is not a journey, its more of a habit. Once people inculcate behavioral changes within themselves, fitness will not be a task, it will become basic hygiene. After achieving basic hygiene, he says, one can achieve wonders in other areas of their lives.

His greatest inspiration and motivation

His father was always his role model and greatest inspiration of his life.

He believes in goodness and wants to make an army of good people. For him, success is making people’s lives better. Today, he has transformed 5,00,000+ lives and believes that success is like an unquenchable thirst which is a never ending journey.

Jitendra Chouksey’s advise to budding entrepreneurs

Jitendra Chouksey, Founder, FITTR

As per him, one must not focus on being an entrepreneur, but instead be a problem solver. One must never care about failure, as when one solves a problem, it affects someone else in a positive manner and that’s what one must care about. One must never think of the outcomes, but just follow one’s passion.

Over the years, I’ve become mentally more stronger, physically fitter and I realized it’s a huge responsibility on my shoulders to live upto people’s expectations

It’s not easy to affect people’s mind in a positive manner. People might want to believe in you, but they won’t believe you until you deliver results. As per him, it’s not just about make promises, but also delivering them.

It’s not easy to affect people’s mind in a positive manner. People might want to believe in you, but they won’t believe you until you deliver results. As per him, it’s not just about make promises, but also delivering them.

Jitendra Chouksey-Never worry about competition

He believes do good, be good and everything good shall happen. One must always stay positive and believe in oneself. He also highlighted the importance of quality of services. If one provides good quality services, success is bound to happen.

Our customer satisfaction rate is about 96% today, and we plan to achieve 99%

Covid’19 has shown us, that not only is it possible, rather its more convenient to workout at home. One does not have to worry about travelling to gym in heavy traffic or being infected. Working out at home is an amazing option.

Fitness mantra & Road Ahead

According to him, fitness should not be thought of as a task. If one is physically fit, one will become mentally fit and create something positive. One can simply achieve this by eating right and exercising every single day. One must think of it as a part of one’s life.

He dreams to make everybody fit. He wants everyone to know the importance of being fit and the positivity that comes along. As per him, physical ailments bother people. Once treated, people can be more productive in all walks of their lives.

Jitendra is an inspiration to the people in this country and conveys to strong message to everyone as follows.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do, everything else shall follow

Jitendra Chouksey Interview

You can watch the detailed video interview of Jitendra Chouksey where he gives a detailed version of his entrepreneurial journey.

Jitendra Chouksey, Founder – FITTR in an interview with Bebeta Consultancy