1. A leader never loses sight of their vision
    On any given day, mothers can be found juggling various household chores, hunting down craft supplies for a project their children only remembered today was needed tomorrow, and all the while balancing this against managing the demands of building their careers. And yet, despite all these divergent demands for their attention, mothers never lose sight of the vision they have for their children – of providing a healthy and safe environment where their children can grow and thrive.

In the business world, there are many demands made for the attention of leaders this shouldn’t take our focus away from what’s important or needed for the organization to grow and prosper.

  1. A leader demonstrates patience in waiting for the desired outcome
    If there’s one thing we all know about mothers is that they can demonstrate a great amount of patience and with good reason. Raising a child is hardly a textbook affair as there’s always something unexpected that will come along and ruin the best-laid plans. Sometimes this is a result of a child not doing what they’re told; other times it can be a child getting sick on the day you have a big presentation to give at work. Whatever the case, mothers have learned to deal with these curve balls as they come at them knowing that their efforts will pay off in the long run.

With businesses regularly focusing on creating and meeting forecasts, it’s easy to show less patience or interest in efforts that require more long-term thinking and management. Best things do come to those who wait.

  1. A leader encourages their team to be self-sufficient
    While much has been written about the maternal instinct to care and protect the young, mothers are also very adept at encouraging their children to become more self-sufficient as they grow up. One need only look at of how mothers go from taking care of their children’s laundry to asking them to clean up their rooms to appreciate the willingness mothers have to see their children embrace the tasks they used to do for their kids as they mature from small children into young adults.

The fact is to be a true leader means developing your team members so that over time, they will no longer need your direct support in order to achieve growth and success.

  1. A leader knows how to inspire others
    Like mothers, it’s not enough for leaders to simply make sure their employees get the day’s work done. Rather, their goal should also be to inspire those they serve to see beyond their own ambitions and needs and follow the example of those in charge in putting others ahead of themselves.