You can take the sportsman out of a sport, but you cannot take Sports out of a Sportsperson.

Being a district-level cricket player himself in Rajasthan Cricket and a zonal-level athlete, Nitin always wanted to be a sportsperson. After having a successful career of 7 years as a Marketing Head at Cognub Decision Solutions based out of Trivandrum, he realized that sports often take a backseat in corporate life and this led him to create Impulse Sports. Impulse Sports is a sports and lifestyle management company with a mission to create a healthy generation and promote amateur sports in the county.

Mr. Nitin Anilkumar, Founder & CEO at IMPULSE SPORTS and his team
The Impulse team

His initial idea of Impulse Sports was to start a sports club wherein he can engage the corporate employees (different sports activities/training) and provide them with different fitness level activities like Zumba/Yoga etc. However, after getting mentored by the likes of Mr. Rajmohan Pillai (Founder and chairman of Beta Group) and Anup Ambiga (CEO-Genpro Research), the idea was fine-tuned and soon evolved with the creation of a digital platform where all the companies/vendors/employees, students, and kids can avail all the services. This platform would enable different corporate companies and vendors to enroll/register themselves and they can engage themselves in all sports, healthcare, lifestyle-related activities while could be carried out daily.

About Impulse Sports
Impulse Sports Mission and Achievements

About Impulse Sports

Impulse Sports is a sports and lifestyle management company with a mission to create a healthy generation and promote amateur sports in the county. They aim to introduce sports & lifestyle programs among corporates. They help amateurs and professionals from the grassroots level to reconnect with their childhood passion for playing and engaging with their favorite sport(s). With a vision to craft a healthy next generation, they also engage kids through different sports training programs as well as to conduct various year-round tournaments.

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The Impulse Sports team and the Launch in 2021

The team of Impulse Sports is based out of Techno Park, Trivandrum and currently operates in Trivandrum and Kochi. It is a humble team of 20 people. The team has a good mix of sportsperson (passionate people) and software professionals (technology adept). It comprises of 5-6 IT employees (Software developers and Testers) with experiences ranging from 10-15 years who are currently working on the platform. They are currently in the Beta Testing phase since their inception in 2018. They wanted to take 2 years to test the market feasibility of the idea and come with a workable solution. This beta phase will get over in December 2020. “We are quite confident of doing a big launch in 2021” was said by Mr. Nitin when asked about the product launch.

The journey from getting the first client to Today
Impulse Sports organized Football League for Tata Consultancy Services,Kochi

The journey of Impulse Sports from getting the first client to Today

The company Impulse Sports was incorporated on November 13, 2018 and they had our first client by December 2018. That month itself they had an association with Trivandrum Tennis club where they conducted the All-Kerala level Kids Championship in Tennis. Within 2-3 months, they acquired 2-3 clients but the whole process actually started in 2016. From 2016-18, they initiated as a techno park club and had an association with almost 30-40 corporate companies and HR professionals. “They were familiar with the name of Impulse. As soon as we launched as a company of sports activity, they all were very excited to be a part of it”, said Mr. Nitin.

Important tips for future entrepreneurs by the CEO

The idea is the most important part of any startup. If you are solving a problem in society and you have a perfect solution to the problem then your idea is a million-dollar idea. Because it’s not the product, company or people is sellable, it’s the idea that is sellable.

As per him, the next most important thing is Funding. To create something big, the company requires good funding. Without losing some money, money cannot be made.

People who are willing to start a start-up should have a strong belief system. There is not a fixed time-frame for the success of a startup. The most recent crisis that hit the world was COVID and it affected the entire world. Every business is impacted by it because they cannot predict such problems. There is a need to move on, get up, and start doing the work again so that they could make big.

The mentorship was the next important thing on his list as it is very important to take a business forward. “I was lucky to have two mentors for my idea”, said Mr. Nitin. Mr. Rajmohan Pillai (Chairman of Beta Group) and Anup Ambiga (CEO-Genpro Research), both were extremely experienced. As per Mr. Nitin, they were the perfect mentors’ who could take my company to the next level.

Future of Impulse
iWay-web based platform of Impulse Sports

The Past, Present and Future of Impulse

Impulse sports have a franchise in Bangalore as well as in Kerala. The company is also into the franchise model which is helping them expand their operations as well as creating value. There are also talks with people in Chennai to start a franchise there. The company plans to work towards covering the southern part of the country within this year. After that, the plan to move towards northern India.

As per 2018 statistics, the amateur sports market is close to 1000-1500 crores. Impulse Sports want to tap 2-3 percent of that market in the next 3-4 years. That is the goal the company has in their minds and they are working towards it.

Written by KUMAR AAKASH (IIFT D 19-21)