Never give it up, it always seems impossible until it’s done. This is the principle that kept Arvind Pandey, Ex-President & Hub-Chief Technical Officer, Idea-Vodafone, going on for years in his career.  Coming from a humble background, he always believed in appreciating both the compliments and critiques. But his belief in being persistent, consistent and never to compromise with integrity kept him going and he managed to carve out a successful path for himself.

Talking about his career, he split it into three parts sharing experience and learning from all of them. Firstly, he talked about working in a government sector where the dependency level is on the higher end. Secondly, he talked about working in an MNC technology (Motorola, Siemens) where people are taught to be more independent and are motivated to share their views. Lastly, he talked about working in telecom Operator companies like Tata Teleservices, Airtel and Idea Vodafone which runs on the principle of getting the work done by average performers because they are believed to be the real gem of the company. Remembering back his tough and challenging journey, he also remembered his most challenging project during his tenure at Airtel

According to him, for a company to be successful, they should move ahead with a collaborative model where the significance should be on all employee rather than believing on the concept of bell curve. He believes that if the average people work for common mission, every goal is bound to be successful.

He also spoke about the changing landscape of telecom world from  “ Voice to data “ and now moving “ Connectivity to digital” and opening new opportunities in both B2B and B2C area.

It is no more a connectivity play it is a digital Service model and the empowerment given to end customer to co-create his own business needs and products.

From Connectivity it has moved to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Network-as-a-Service , Software-as-as-Service and finally Platform-as-as-Service and offer a innovative and flexile digital empowerment to customers.

Thanks to Reliance Jio for disrupting the Data pipe model to platform based  Digital Service model, there is huge opportunity seen in digitalization and opening up a new No Telco market like Logistics, Industrial, BFSI , IT and ITeS 

Further, in the trying times like COVID – 19, he suggests companies move forward with the approach as a lot more business than past is waiting for you, even if not people. He also suggests companies to unlearn their existing process and come up with new innovative business models. With an aim to achieve success, he also believes that the companies need to empower and challenge people to come up with the solution for future trends. If companies will be able to align with business goals, they will be able to transform themselves.

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Article by Sakshi Baheti, IIM Rohtak’20