The power of every machine a our factory which is driven by electric motor is determined by the Horse Power (Hp) of the motor. In mechanical terms 745.7 watts of electric power used by motor is one Hp.

What has power of motor got to do with Horse Power???

Earlier horses were used to pull out ore from mines. It was known how much a horse would pull ore in a day. When machines were invented to pull ores the question was how much work the engine could do compared to the known quantity of what a horse could do. So it was required to measure the actual amount of work an average horse could do in numbers so that it was easy to understand. Hence the Horsepower standard came into existence and since then we are following the same. The horse may not run as fast as a cheetah but can maintain the galloping speed and for a long period of time. Horse is the only animal which is seen galloping or standing still. We seldom see a sitting horse, even it is observed that horses sleep in standing position. While sleeping in that standing position the muscles, tendons and ligaments “lock” up using no energy at all, and then they sleep.

A galloping horse is the sign of perseverance, achievement, victory, power, speed and success-all great attributes to hasten the climb up the ladder. After this Covid-19 the galloping horse has symbolically stood still. We have seen the business which was on race track has been pulled back, but the horse should not sit.

This coronavirus has no doubt enlightened us on the priorities in life. That doesn’t mean we dip into depression mode. We are asked to stay home to stay alive but to stay alive is to rebuild our future too. Nothing comes just like that, only if we sow today we reap tomorrow. Weeds alone grow without nurturing and we know of what help is the weed. In fact we pull them out to provide the nutrient earth can provide to the seed we have sown.

We have learnt a lesson on what is essential for us and we now need to work on them. All these years we had wandered about not knowing what was essential. Many of us have had dreamt of many things which is practically not possible now after this virus attack, but that will not and should not deter us to find new means.

Now with this new approach to work there is a lot of possibilities. Nothing can come and fall on one’s lap, we need to work towards it. Opportunity is always on the other side of the locked door, we need to knock on it, for it to open.

The economic slump is experienced throughout the globe, we are no exception. But we cannot break the demand and supply chain. No virus has stopped any country to get deprived of basic needs like food and shelter. One has to work in order to provide them both. It is only that section which lacked the enthusiasm to work which is sliping into negative state of mind and providing the excuse of Covid-19.

Rising like the Phoenix there are many countries which have fought back to normalcy after a natural disaster or an epidemic or military destruction or militant attacks.

The one strong desire has to be to come back with double the eagerness to Stay Alive.