Sony Jain and Arpit Jain were always passionate about marketing and believed that there were innumerable opportunities to be explored in this field. On a family get-together, they cohesively took an extemporaneous decision of converting their passion into a dream project – “The AdCode”. It is a 360-degree marketing agency that focuses on prime sectors of marketing such as PR related activities, digital marketing, print, and media. Sony possesses a well-demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

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Our branding team creates powerful and immersive brand strategies that connect customers at every touchpoint” she says.

The AdCode Co-Founder Sony Jain on her entrepreneurial journey

The AdCode is a customer-centric creative agency that aims at turning the brand into an experience and communicating brand story into a hyper-cluttered environment. The company believes in a client-centric approach to create a customized marketing strategy that caters to the client’s needs. They were able to expand their venture in Canada, just after 4 months of their operation in India.

An edge over others

We take pride in the quality of our work and it is our experience that makes us grow at horse speed and makes us stand apart from other companies” she says.

The Adcode strives to be constantly updated with new tools and technologies for customer satisfaction. Since its advent, the company has grown immensely and never hesitates to go beyond when it comes to fulfilling a client’s requirement.

Rough roads

Initially, she faced many unprecedented challenges. The key challenge was to manage her MBA along with her dream project- “The AdCode”. Being a multitasker, she was able to manage both efficiently. While expanding her business in Canada, she used to personally visit about 500-600 offices within a year and cold-call / email the customers to sell their services.

As an example, she quotes “I happened to visit a couple one day who had lost trust in advertising agencies because of their past experiences. Being very passionate about marketing, I offered them my services for a month and asked them to pay me only after they are fully satisfied with my agency. They saw exorbitant results and are still with me today”.

Despite the challenges, she managed to overcome them with the help of her team, Arpit’s expertise, and her creativity.

Words of motivation for entrepreneurs

She emphasized gaining proper knowledge of one’s business. She also mentioned that unless one has the proper knowledge, one cannot convince his/her customers ever in life. She highlighted the importance of targeting a niche segment in order to know type of customers one is targeting. This way one is able to convince customers more effectively. She believes that one should give their heart and soul to their initial projects which are the key to effective word of mouth. This way one does not need to compulsorily market their business but instead, customers approach them. One must always have a few samples of their work that speaks volumes of their business.

If you have to achieve something, you have to do hard work. 100% of the chances you take don’t convert into a failure. Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever does” she says.

Sony Jain is an impeccable inspiration for today’s generation who firmly believe that hard work always pays off.  

Sony Jain Interview

You can watch the detailed video interview of Sony Jain where she gives a detailed version of her entrepreneurial journey.

Sony Jain, Co-Founder , The Adcode

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