Throughout the history we have observed that there has been transition period every now and then. This transition is marked and mentioned with the prefix of “Pre” & “Post”. From the current period of time we are able to make an analysis whether post transition was better or pre. We have the events from both the period which makes us easy to gauge the two and conclude. In past many occasions it is found that post is better than pre. But it is not a edict that need to be always so. In general we do have the habit of judging the past days better than the present. And if we look at from the evolution point of view the present and future should be improvised than the past, as even civilisation demands so.

Our Earth is blessed in this solar system to support life. It has beautiful creatures with plants, animals and microorganisms with symbiotic relationship living depending on each other. The hunger of human species to lay hands on everything that nature has to offer has made this Earth suffer. The human intelligence has over come all the difficulties that other species have faced. This achievement has also taken that intelligence to gain superiority over the coexisting species on this plane. The early morning melody chirping of birds and the buzz of bees is lost. The animals roamed freely in its habitat just vanished. The mantra of survival of fittest is at its highest realm with deforestation and encroachment of forest.

History has bifurcated the period of this Earth’s ecosystem as Pre and Post humans. Pre humans had a balanced ecosystem compared to post. Mother Earth was so proud of humans for their evolved intelligence but little did she knew that her intelligent child will one day harm her other offsprings and eventually will cause harm to her too. Slowly, the intelligence became a curse to the ecosystem. The earthquakes, avalanches, tornadoes, cyclones, landslides, tsunamis were the warning alarms nature gave many times to the human intelligence. This small warnings had not been heeded so there had to be a drastic change. The drastic change be marked as transition period.

The entire world is now under transition. The Corona Virus has slowed down the intelligence and nature has gained prominence again. It is the period where the change that it is undergoing is to make it a better place for everyone one of us. The first noticeable change is that the ozone layer is healing. The water bodies have been clear of industrial waste. The river water is now potable and the aquatic life is free from pollutes.

One of my friend shared a pic which his brother had shot in Bangalore University, Jnanabharati where the peacock and peahen along with parrots were seen perching on road which would otherwise be busy with vehicles. A herd of spotted deer was spotted on Chamundi hill road in Mysore. The Tirumala ghat road had leopard, bear, snake and porcupine as the guests.

Looks like the consequences because of the pandemic in majority of nations under lockdown is giving mother Earth the time to recover.

Does it require a pandemic for the human intelligence to understand how important it is to safeguard nature, is the question. As I understand nature is the loan when have taken from the generation next, it is our responsible to return it back to them.